Doctor’s notes are incredibly useful for responsible people who need to find ways to increase their time off from work, school and a host of other obligations. The availability of doctors note templates can come in handy in almost every part of life. These are not excuses, but a formal way of stating the uniqueness of someone’s wants, needs and conditions.

Consider Jake from California. He was delayed at work on a foggy Wednesday evening. When he left the office, he noticed he only had about twenty minutes to pick his family up from home and make it to church in time for his weekly Bible study.

On the poorly-lit and traffic-less straight stretches of the highway, he decided to make up some time by exceeding the speed limit. Unfortunately, because of the light traffic, the local police were looking for a target. They pulled Jake over and asked, “What’s the hurry?”

Jake explained that along with being late from work, he also suffered from night blindness and didn’t want to be driving a long distance in the dark. The officer looked like he had heard the excuse before. With approval, Jake reached into his glove compartment and produced an official-looking template form that explained his night blindness in a very professional manner.

After checking his completely clean driving record and licensing, the officer came back to Jake’s window and explained that he would not issue a ticket because of his condition. He did explain to Jake that he would let him go only if he promised to obey the speed limit and drive directly home.

Jake really did have night blindness, but there was no way for him to carry convincing evidence with him. A free doctors excuse / template provided him with enough information to help him avoid a potentially expensive and humiliating experience. The note was unofficial, but the officer was given enough reason to know that Jake was simply trying to do the responsible thing and rejoin his family as fast as possible.

A sample doctors note isn’t just for kids searching for a way to ditch class. They are an extremely useful way to communicate real life conditions to other people who would not understand the details any other way. Jake’s predicament is similar to many people’s. A sample Dr note with extensive information is sometimes the answer! If you’re looking for fake doctors notes, we also recommend