Today was about as good as a day can get, all things considered. I had a great day , and a great night to match. The day started out as any other, me waking up still wrapped in all my blankets, head resting on a pillow comfortably. I looked over at the clock and made note of the time: 7 AM. I was happy with myself. For once this week, I managed to wake up before noon. I do not know what it is with me lately, but I always find myself sleeping in, and I normally hate doing that. It’s so unproductive and it is just overall a waste of time. A person only needs so much sleep, and even then, how much sleep one needs can be highly and hotly debatable. Oh well, who cares. I didn’t have to go to class today because I had a minor surgery recently had had a doctors note excusing me. Anyway, I reached over and grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. I turned on the news and eased my way out of bed. I figured I might as well start making some breakfast, as I was terribly hungry, and had no place to be immediately, so a shower could come next. I walked over to the fridge and had a look inside. It was absolutely full of food, so the only issue was figuring out exactly what I wanted to eat. I do not always eat traditional breakfast foods for breakfast, but today I figured I might as well, seeing as how I had all the essential key components and breakfast food sounded kind of good. I began pulling things out of the fridge and setting them on the counter: eggs, milk, cheese, onions, mushrooms, spinach, orange juice, bacon, sausage, ham. I figured I would make myself a nice omelet, and of course I had to have a ton of various breakfast meats. It was then I need a few badass fake doctors notes.

I saw no point in breakfast if it weren’t for the various delicious meats that often accompanied it. As I shut the fridge, I opened up the cabinet and pulled two glasses out. I filled one with milk, and turned around and grabbed my protein powder out of another cabinet. I put a heaping scoop in the glass of milk, stirred it until it dissolved, and quickly chugged it. It was cookies and cream flavor and it was delicious. I put the glass in the sink, and then quickly thought better of this, washed it out, and put it away. I figured if I cleaned up as i went along, I would be creating less work for myself later. I grabbed the orange juice, and to my disappointment, poured what very little was left into the other glass. It wasn’t even half full! That was okay though, I wasn’t going to let something so trivial bring me down. Not today, at least, not on the day where I have already started off ahead of schedule and in a good mood to boot. I began slicing up the vegetables and heating up a pan which I pulled out from a cabinet locate just next to the stove. When the pan was hot enough, I tossed the vegetables in ans allowed them to begin to cook. In another pan, I tossed all the meats and allowed them to start cooking as well. When all the vegetables had softened up a bit, I pulled them out of the pan and whipped them up with some eggs and cheese in a bowl. When everything was blended to my satisfaction, I poured it into the pan and allowed it to cook. I folded it into an omelette and ate it. MAN was it good! Grab some doctor’s notes and excuses on the internet, its quick and easy.


The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.